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Welcome to Bike Club - we progress together!


From the first Penny Farthing to the 2020 enduros - biking's always been more fun with friends! All of our Bike Club courses are focused on groups progressing together, learning whilst laughing and getting out on to the trails. 

This season, we're upping the game on personalised skills learning. Each shredder will lay out their goals for the term, receive a progression card to fill out and work closely with our instructors to level up quickly. 

We'll be recording routes and parents / volunteers are always welcome to come and join our sessions and pick up a few skills themselves! 

We'll be offering rides from beginner to intermediate and advanced so, no matter your skill level, there's something for everyone. Similarly, we'll also be shuttling from Hawea Flat and Holy Family so no one misses out. 

If this wasn't enough, we'll regularly be going further afield on weekends and testing our skills on fun day excursions. 

Intermediate sessions


Wednesdays 3:00pm to 5:45pm


Catered for shredders aged 7+ that are used to the basics of flat pedals and handling a little bit of speed.

We take these groups on more technical routes to the beginners and build on their skills by teaching them the techniques required to level up quickly. 

Our coaches will assess each child's capabilities and tailor their approach to get maximum results. 

Weekend adventures



Once Cardrona opens up for biking we will run regular Friday trips to tackle their slopes. Similarly, Glendhu Bay, Cromwell and more will offer new variety for our bikers.

Saturdays / Sundays

Much like our Holiday Programme Bike Camps, we'll take weekend excursions away from Wanaka to get pedalling in new places to hone our skills. Stay tuned for updates.

What to bring


A Mountain Bike


Please bring a recently serviced bike in good working order - we'll have tools for minor repairs and punctures. Should a bike be assessed as unworthy or a safety hazard, we'll unfortunately have to leave both the biker and bike enjoying the normal after-school session at Kids Club. 

Water bottle + riding bag if needed

Water bottles will need to be attached to the bike or carried in a small riding bag or camel pack. 

Safety gear

At the very least, a helmet and toed shows are required. We recommend gloves as well.

Beginner sessions


Thursdays 3:00pm to 5:45pm

Just starting out on your bike or still wanting to gain more confidence? This is the session for you.

We take our beginners out on simpler rides until they understand the basics of pedal management, turning and general control. 

Bike rides will include sessions out to the Hawea River Wave, Gunn Road fun, Lizzy Woods, Deans Bank and more.

Once the kids are confident and finish their progressions cards they can choose to join our Intermediate Rides or continue the fun in this class. 

Advanced sessions


Advanced sessions


Mondays 3:00pm to 5:45pm


Our advanced shredders typically start ages 11+ but exceptions have been made after assessing performance in the intermediate sessions - if you shred, you shred!

These rides are more free flowing, allowing the bikers to have increased control and input on things they feel they'd like to improve about their riding whilst still getting tips from the coaches on how to skill up.

You should know




Sessions cost $25 per session. 

What's included?

- Personal progression card and feedback

- Transport to trails

- Afternoon tea (sandwich + fruit)

Where we'll ride

Lists for each week will be posted on the session's web page and will be sent via email on the Friday prior. 

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