Mountain Bike Camps Summer 2018/19

Mountain Bike camps run from 9am-3pm (with the option of adding on extra care to 5.30pm if required) and are open for kids aged 6 to 13.

For each week in the Summer Holiday Programme (except week 2 - just 2 days) we will run biking camps 3 days a week on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

During our camps, we'll practice everything you can do on 2 wheels and explore all the local tracks and trails that Wanaka has to offer!

Friday brings a treat! All the skills we've learnt in the week will be tested up at Cardona - spaces will be limited so book early for these sessions.

Prerequisites:  Open to riders of all abilities aged 6 and over. We strongly recommend bikes to of been checked by a bike shop/mechanic beforehand.


What to bring:

- A bike

- Safety gear: Helmet, toed shoes and anything extra a child might have and want to ride with

- Water bottle

- Big nutritious lunch


What we'll bring:

- First aid kits and relevant qualifications

- Chain lube

- Puncture repair kits

- Bike maintenance pack (only light repairs)


As always with our wonderful Wanaka weather, activities are weather dependent. We may change our plans according to the weather  (wind, rain) if required. So please be prepared for changes if need so.