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How to book your children

Start at your Aimy Plus Dashboard.

Here you can see the status of your Upcoming Bookings + your Outstanding Invoices.

Aimy Dashboard.png
Aimy Dash.png

Click 'Make a Booking'

Aimy Select.png
  • Select 1 or more children

  • Select Wanaka Kids Club as your Programme.

  • Select your Booking Type

  • NOTE: 'Special Day' is for Teacher Only Days

Booking Types

Booking Type.png

Regular Booking

This option is for Full Term Bookings

Use this option if you are repeating the same day each week.

Casual Booking

Use this option if you are only booking single days.

Session Selection

Drag Booking.png

You can either:

Drag Bookings into dates or

Click 'Add'

Unsure what session to choose?

Session details.png

Click on a session for more details

If in doubt flick us a message.

Payment Options

Payment Options.png

You may pay Weekly or for the entire term in advance.

Direct Debit

Booking Overview.png
Direct Debit Option.png
  • You will be redirected to Direct Debit Sign up.

  • Here you can choose to add a Card or Bank.

  • -This can be changed at anytime through the 'Payment' Tab on your Dashboard.

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